On the Countdown

by rubadubdublog

RubaDubDub Asparagus Salad 2

We are certainly counting down. Down to Christmas, down to the arrival of long-awaited visitors and down to the due date. If I wasn’t so tired I would be using a lot more exclamation marks because I am really, really looking forward to this holiday season. And as with last year I had all these great intentions of having a super cool Christmas post ready to go and of course, with one and a half weeks before I’m due to give birth and with a chemistry exam breathing down my neck it, of course, is probably not going to happen!

However I have some exciting news about some new work I am doing for Best Friends for Frosting as I have officially become a regular food contributor! Check out this warm green bean salad if you’re looking for a simple side dish for Christmas day (or add a poached egg and it’s a great brekkie to wake up to) and keep in touch for a Christmas dessert closer to the date which I am pretty darn excited about!

And on a final note before finishing up on my last post as a mother of one (eek)…a few awesome things to check out over Christmas: we made this for dinner last night with rocket and olive oil drizzled over the top. It was insane and a great starter for any Christmas feast. I found this cookbook (Wholefood Baking) on the shelves of a local bookshop today and am in love with it. Too bad it’s a Christmas present for someone else! And a huge shout of thanks to a few wonderful women that have helped and supported this year namely Amelia, Nicola, Ruth, Kristine (who always has the most wonderful comments!) and to those WordPressers that have nominated me for awards! I am always so grateful for your support and encouragement. Most of all I am so incredibly thankful for everyone who reads and supports me in continuing this blog. I hope for there to be many exciting things to come next year! Wishing you all a very merry and blessed Christmas and a fantastic 2014.