Nut Butter, Apple and Ricotta Toast

by rubadubdublog

Nut Butter, Apple and Ricotta Toast 2

I’ve been a little hesitant to blog about some of our easiest and simplest meals. I have this idea in my head that anyone who is interested in this type of blog is probably wanting to see flair and complexity in recipes or maybe combinations of ingredients or techniques that they don’t already do at home.

But the fact remains that a lot of what I think is best about the food we eat is that it is really simple. Some of my favourite meals involve a simple tomato sugo made with super ripe mid-season roma tomatoes or a freshly made pear and walnut salad dressed with olive oil and sea salt or a good fruit salad – nothing fancy but beautifully fresh and in my opinion, very nutritious. This is how we cook and what we like to eat – and being able to share that with others and learn of new recipes is the reason why I started this blog in the first place! What about you? Do you read food blogs for nutrition, for complex recipes, for tips on feeding kids or for other reasons?

With that said, this is a snack (or sometimes even lunch) that Raffi and I have regularly. Because we are raising Raff as a vegetarian, finding ways of giving her complete proteins (that people often get from animal protein) whenever possible is vitally important. We do this by filling her tummy with wholegrains, nuts, seeds and legumes. I’ve found nut butters to be an easy and simple way to begin doing this and Raff just loves them so it works out well. We have a great stall at the local farmers market (for the Canberrans it’s Bread Nerds at Epic) that do a wholegrain rye or volkhornbrot but you could always make your own if you have the time (check this one out or this one – delicious).

Apples 1

Nut Butter, Apple and Ricotta Toasts

2 slices wholegrain bread, toasted

your choice of nut butter* (for this one I used brazil nut, almond and linseed)

fresh ricotta cheese

1 apple, thinly sliced

maple syrup (optional)

Spread the toast with the nut butter then top with apple slices and ricotta and drizzle with maple syrup

*I make my own nut butter but many stores sell it these days. It’s as simple as processing dry roasted nuts until they release their oils and make a paste. If you want a more detailed explanation you can find recipes here or here or here (for a raw version with honey and salt).

Nut Butter, Apple and Ricotta Toast 3

We also do a few other combinations which I think are pretty tasty:

Strawberry, feta cheese, nut butter and basil

Rocket, chive, parsley, lemon zest and ricotta

Banana, honey and almond and chia nut butter

Apples 3