A Wedding, a Birthday and a Cheesecake

by rubadubdublog

Matt and Katie Photographers 1

April, I love you. I mean, well, sometimes I don’t like you but well, ok I do really love you. As far as April weather goes…well that’s the reason why I sometimes don’t like you but I’m open to negotiation. I’ve grown to love like put up with manage be ok with the cold. And I guess there are some nice things about the changing of the season (yes, April is the beginning of the cold weather for us folks down here). Dusting off my winter swing coat, catching the eye of the person passing me who is grimacing from an unusually brisk wind and knowing you’re both in it together, nipping quickly outside to grab what’s left of the basil to grind up and freeze as pesto, reacquainting myself with soups and hardy frost-surviving herbs (thank you God for rosemary), immune boosting citrus (it’s as if we were meant to eat it..) and a little plate of decadent dessert and a tea while curled up under a blanket reading a mag. And winter farmers markets. I don’t know why I find them so awesome as they are the same markets that we go to all year round…I guess maybe I give kudos to every person who is willing to be out in negative degree temperatures because they believe it’s important to be there.

Also this April, I was also fortunate to be featured in Mint Design Blog for which I was absolutely tickled pink. You can get the recipe to my Rosewater and Yoghurt Cheesecake right here. Thanks so much to Ellie for waiting patiently while I negotiated my way juggling two assignments, Easter holidays and an increasingly independent 20 month old.

Cheesecake Final 2

And finally, I love April the most for two reasons. Three years ago in April I married the love of my life. May we have many more wonderful years together my darling. And twenty-eight years ago in April, Dario’s mother and father celebrated the birth of the youngest of their four children. Wishing you a wonderful birthday this week D.

I’m yours always my love, and thank you God for April.

L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle – Dante Alighieri



Ps. Like the wedding photos? Yeah I thought you might. Check out Matt and Katie – it’s these talented people who get the credit for making this post look so good!